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Dog Friendly City Project

In order to promote a more "Dog Friendly" community we want to help local businesses stand out and make sure that people know that they are "Dog Friendly". Here you will find downloadable templates and resources for creating and displaying a "Dog Friendly" sign at your place of business.

Displaying a "Dog Friendly" sign outside will provide new customers with a valuable visual indicator about your dog policy.

According to research, adding a sign may increase your revenue by as much as 15%.

Signs and Buttons

Use the signs on the walls or windows of your business and the buttons on your website.

Dog Friendly
Download: EPS file
Download: PNG Button (100x100 pixels)
Small Dog Friendly
Download: EPS file
Download: PNG Button (100x100 pixels)
Dog Friendly Patio
Download: EPS file
Download: PNG Button (100x100 pixels)

Prining Your Signs

YOu could just print these out on plain paper but if you want them to last and look professional consider using a prinint company like FedEx or You can create a sustom vinyl decal, sign, window sticker or a reusable window decal.
FedEx Office
Custom Window Stickers
Speedy Signs
Custom signs
Custom Window Decals

Dog Friendly Businesses

If you know if a Dog-Friendly business please make sure it's listed in our Pet-Friendly Business directory.

Pet-Friendly Businesses

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